Healing Hands

Tonight marks the eve of two weeks since arriving at 8E. We woke up early this morning and decided to go home to get some change of clothes, pay the bills and “freshen up” a bit… it was real nice to drive up our driveway and be home…if just for a little while. Kim made an AMAZING breakfast while there and for a moment I felt like Ryley would be coming down the bonus room stairs any minute from the smell of bacon…but he didn’t. I felt the dark sadness rush over me for a moment but quickly pushed it away. Ryley, is fine, no Ryley is great! He improves each and every hour of the day. He continues to improve on his ventilator settings and his sense of humor and attitude are amazing! He has so must zest for life and knows the fight ahead of him will be hard but we know he is ready. Kim is doing well and hit her own milestone today by joining Facebook! For those of you who know Kim…this is HUGE!! Will headed to Greensboro today to hang out with a few friends but came back this afternoon to spend some “bro-time” with Ryley. Colby and a few friends hung out in the “living room” and popped in and out of Ry’s room throughout the day.

Ryley rested well last night and was up bright and early this morning asking to play Connect Four with his nurse Laurie via his EyeLink board. An idea I thought wouldn’t work, but once again he proved me wrong. The wound drain from his surgery site was removed later in the day and his incision looks nice and clean, although Ryley is disappointed he won’t have much of a scar….really Ryley? Ryley’s main complaint right now is muscle spasms in his neck and traps. The nurses have been putting cold packs in the area but it just wasn’t doing the trick. We asked if we could have our close friend Joslyn Lindsay from The Virtuous Touch come in to provide some massage therapy and the doctor gave his go ahead. Outside of Ryley seeing his closest friends, and our course Stephanie, I don’t think I’ve seen Ryley more content this week. Thanks for your magic healing hands Joslyn!

The outpouring of support continues for Ryley, from the creation of silicone bands, t-shirt sales and numerous organizations inquiring about hosting a fund raising event have been incredible. To ALL of you THANK YOU!

The next several days will define the time frame of Ryley’s next step of the journey. We need to see continued reduction of ventilator support, ensure his body continues to accept his new hardware and keep him strong both mentally and physically. Visitors are providing a well needed break to the monotony of the day and your cards, well wishes and prayers surround him at night. Both doctors and nurses visit his room daily and say what a cheerful and loving place we have created.

PRAY for Ryley’s continued mental & physical strength

PRAY for his Duke 8E Watchdogs of RyDog

AND please PRAY for our “neighbors” on the 8E floor who continue to struggle with their own family tragedies…for Candy…for Jessica…for others we have not met but understand their struggles.


We love you all! Good night.