100 Days Behind Us

7 days ago we brought our boy home and it’s been nonstop ever since. The welcome committee, mustaches and all…first night jitters, familiar yet new surroundings, routines to relearn, to readjust…a bit sleepless but safe at home.
Last Friday was a rest day for a HUGE night at #GetARide4Ry. We arrived a bit late…lots of prep needed to get out the door these days, but boy was it worth it. What an incredible event and turnout. Stacey Berman Horowitz, Connie West Swingle, Caroline Bunce, Marcie Akers…you ladies are absolutely incredible! You turned what would have been a decent fundraiser into an unbelievable and unforgettable event! The prep, commitment, setup and outcome were second to none! Steve Horowitz and the crew at Margaux’s Restaurant have never disappointed and last Friday night was no exception! Funk Sandwich kept things lively and loud and auction bidding was fast and furious online and in the “Auction Den”. Thank you SO very much for everyone that donated items and those who bid and won something…we hope you enjoy! The outpouring of support we felt and witnessed for Ryley Hopper was truly touching. Folks from all over the Raleigh area came, those who couldn’t come, joined online. It was great meeting Rachelle Chapman and her husband after so much communication with her early on after Ryley’s accident. Thanks for coming. An old high school friend,and his wife, from NY Dale Di Leo even flew down to show their support. Just incredible! The auction was a great success all around and as we promised a nice check for a portion of the proceeds is on its way to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina to help those impacted by Hurricane Matthew. We hope it will help some folks in real need who lost everything. Rest and reorganization filled the rest of the weekend…well deserved and needed for all!
Next on the list? Where to get Ryley into PT/OT. Where do you go when you just left a place like Shepherd Center listed as one of the best in the world? We visited various places around greater Triangle area and decided on the UNC Center for Rehabilitation Care (CRC) in Chapel Hill. Full of light and windows and just a cheery place to go. Ryley had had first PT & OT appointments here this week and really likes his therapists! We also remain in contact with our favorite PT/OT’s in Atlanta for tips & tricks and Kim Hopper continues “Hoppa Time PT/OT” at home.
Ryley continues to work hard and make strides on a daily basis. It’s just great to have us all together again! Thanks for all your letters, prayers, visits and words of wisdom! You’ll have been great throughout this entire ordeal and we hope you’ll continue to follow Ryley’s journey. Because…Impossible REALLY is a funny word… We love you all!