60 Days & Counting…

TBT – Exactly 60 days ago, Ryley’s life was changed in an instant. I can remember as if it was yesterday doing yard work with Kim on July 17th as the Wake County Sheriff cruiser raced up our driveway. When the two officers stepped out, one holding a belongings bag, we knew….something bad had happened to our boy.
The last 60 days have been an absolute blur…the ride to the hospital that fateful day, the many restless nights of unknown prognosis in the Duke ICU, the awakening, baby blue eyes, prayers, full moon, progress forward, then retreat, our Watch Dogs of RyDog, fever, infection, surgery, the tears, the smiles, bloodshot eyes, that laser, that voice, first trip outside, next steps, waiting, worrying, airplanes, ambulances, arrive in Atlanta, vent off, tubes out, Fast N Furious with Ludacris, PT, OT, improve, sleep, eat & repeat.

But through it all there has always been YOU…God, our family, our friends & not strangers, but friends we have not met yet! Thank you for your prayers, support and compassion…you have been such a blessing to our family. We can never thank you all but just know how thankful we truly are!

Impossible is a funny word… – Ryley Hopper