A full moon for a full day

Who knew what a glorious and joy filled emotional day we were in store for today. As Kim and I rest our heads on our pillows in Ryley’s room tonight we feel a sense of peace washing over us. Not only the peaceful sounds of my beautiful Ryley’s exhaled breath, but also the echos of the voices and prayers I continue to hear and feel from all over the world. We have no words for the outpouring of support, love, advice, hugs, kisses, fist pumps and overall presence of family, friends, friends of friends, relatives of friends and complete strangers. You have moved me and my family beyond comprehension!
I’m finding it a bit hard to fall asleep right now as I try to recap the events of the day. As I look outside our 8th floor Duke “residence” there is a full moon outside and I wonder how many times the words “impossible” or “crazy” were uttured as people prepared for a launch to this very moon. The symbolism to where Ryley is today can not be ignored. A launch to the moon took months/years to plan and execute, but with proper preparation, persistance and power they were able to create somthing with the ability to break through the Earths gravity and make it to the moon. The same can be said for Ryley’s own launch plans. A “higher” power was certainly involved in the miracle we witnessed today and if you know Ryley you are fully aware of his own power of persistence. So that leaves preperation. As I continue to stare out the window I notice a storm off in the distance…somewhat beautiful, yet scary to think about the chaos, danger and darkness that resides directly within. As a father I must prepare for the storms which are coming to delay Ryley’s own launch. The storms of emotions, the storms of self doubt, the storms of envy, the storms of fear, the storm of why me… Ryley has a long physical and mental journey ahead. Today was a miraculous day for sure but there is much more to prepare. The next preperation is surgery to fuse his spine together and give him the stability and strength he will need over the next several months for rehabilitation. This surgery is NOT meant to be a cure for the paralysis Ryley has in his legs and hands. The damage has already been done to his spinal cord and this surgery will not change that. Do I pray for another miracle in having Ryley walk out these hospital doors under his own power…of course! But I must prepare you….I MUST prepare Ryley for all likely outcomes. Hour by hour, day by day we must all support his personal preperation for launch. Pray for Ryley’s mental clarity through the coming storms, pray for Ryley’s surgeon and successful spinal fusion surgery in the coming 24 hours and last but not least, pray for yourselves to provide the strength Ryley will need from each of you over the coming months and years. #PrayForRyley #PrayForMyBoy
I love you all! God Bless and good night.