A Message from Lauren

An emotional day, well more than lately…and finding it hard to express things well tonight. So, instead of listening to me I’d like to share a message I received from a friend of Ryley‘s that says it all…

– Hi Mr. Hopper, I’m Lauren. I met Ryley through Nick in middle school and ever since have loved Ryley and his good sense of humor. I wanted to tell you that today at a middle school girls bible study I do for the girls at Saint Francis, they all asked me to pray for Ryley. As one girl mentioned his name, the rest of them chimed in. I was surprised that all 9 of them knew who Ryley was, not through social media, but personally in different aspects. They were all telling me how they know Ryley. Some of them because Ryley was their gymnastics coach and others because of their parents, but their faces lit up as I wrote on the paper I use to write down prayer requests “pray for Ryley”. As I watched their faces light up, I thought about what a character Ryley is and how that moment was a perfect depiction of who Ryley is. He always makes people smile. From our tag games around the neighborhood in eighth grade, to senior year English, he had a way of being a light in people’s lives and still does. I thought it was important to share that with you. Ryley, you, and your family are in my prayers and I continue to have hope that Ryley will only get better. Much love to you all!

This is the young man you pray for…this is our boy Ryley.
– In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.


I love you all…good night.