Back to ATL & the Shepherd Center!

Van is all packed up and Ryley and Kim are on there way to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta for the next month & half for the intensive Day Rehabilitation Program!! We’ve been waiting for the call for a spot and it came late last week and jumped at the opportunity. I’m both super happy and super sad at the same time. Happy that Ryley continues to move forward and obtains the VERY best rehab we can find for him, but sad that the family is once again separated by hundred’s of miles. I’m back at work and have to stay back to get the home modifications moving, Will is back for his last semester in college and Colby is finishing up her last semester in high school…life rolls on.Work hard buddy, stay strong Kim…I love you both so very much! Show everyone what #HopperStrong is all about!
Thanks to everyone for your continued support!#TheFight4Ry #Pray4Ryley We love you all!