I’ve never been much of a gambler and when I tried I’ve always been on the losing end of the deal. Need a hot stock tip? Short any stock I decide to buy as it’s sure to go down. But as I sit here on the 21st day of being in the ICU with Ryley it really hit me on just how lucky I am. 21 days in…I’ve hit the jackpot. My faith has been renewed, my relationship with my family is deeper than ever, and friendships have been strengthened and newly created beyond my wildest imagination. The past 21 days have provided emotions ranging from uncontrollable sobbing to uncontrollable laughter. In a time of cruel politics and unimaginable violence in the world I have witnessed acts of love, kindness and compassion I will never forget. I know God has a plan for Ryley and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Ryley continues to make strides on a daily basis and he remained awake for a full 8 hours today entertaining us all; 5 of those hours were sitting in a recliner and out of his bed…great work son. He continues to require the support of the vent and this will continue as he is transported to Shepherd. There is no reason to push his luck and wean him too early only to have something go wrong during transit. This is a good idea…we are on the first steps of a marathon.

Wednesday is transit day to ATL. We are still confirming timing and mode of transport but are praying for air transport. Air is pricey but ground transport will take 6-7+ hours without traffic and in my mind carries too much risk. There is also medical insurance coverage issues to contend with (what’s covered….what’s not…) so my priority tomorrow is to utilize my “persuasion and charm” to move the needle here. This is the only thing standing in the way of Ryley’s smooth and safe transition to the Shepherd program.

Ryley’s ready..we’re ready!PRAY for Ryley’s continued progress

PRAY for Ryley’s ability to urilize air transport to the Shepherd Center.

PRAY for my neighbors on 8E…I am going to miss you all.

#HopperStrongWe love you all…good night!