“Bring out the laser”

Not a very good night of rest for Ryley…or me for that matter. He had a rough night with his breathing and although the vent was providing most to all of the support there wasn’t very good air exchange causing him to feel somewhat suffocated. I can’t imagine. I saw a look in Ryley’s eyes that I haven’t seen since his very 1st day of kindergarten as he rode away on the school bus away from his Mom for the first time… he was scared. If you know Ryley or if you’re getting to know him through these posts, it’s just not something you see often with him. I think for the first time in 15 days here, the magnitude of what has happened sunk in. We talked for a bit and I assured him things would be great as I made sure a new cold washcloth was placed on his forehead…just like his Mom asked. He closed his eyes as the combination of Mom’s “topical care”, the heparin, antibiotics and several albuterol treatments finally kicked in as he dozed off to sleep. He sleep hard for the whole morning straight through lunch. Gave me some time to look at some emails and catch up on world news…oh JoJo makes her choice tonight…Sa-Weet! 😉

Some of Ryley’s friends started steaming in and the waiting room started buzzing once again. Old friends from past neighborhoods stopped by as well bring baskets of food and well wishes. A special peanut butter chocolate cake arrived too…only problem is Ryley’s severely allergic to peanuts…no problem MJ it was the love and thought that matters! 😉

I decided to check in to see if Ry was awake and he was having a visit by Speech Pathology. Apparently, the EyeLink is now so passe because when I walked in, I had to ask, “Is that Ryley with a laser beam attached to his head?” – Bonus points for the real movie quote! Speech Pathology was so impressed with the speed he learned to communicate using the EyeLink they decided to step it up. They took a pair of safety glasses and taped a laser pointer to the side and switched it on. She then took a large qwerty keyboard image and attached it to one of the light booms hanging from the ceiling…instant laser light cursor for Ryley! He is able to communicate so much faster and longer now. The rest of the afternoon was filled with “chatty” conversations with friends and some quality time with Stephanie…probably the best medicine he gets on a daily basis! Thank you Steph!

Ryley’s resting up now after a long afternoon. Nothing really new to report on the embolism or consolidation other than he continues the heparin and antibiotics. The doctors have requested another CT scan to see what progress has been made but that might not come until morning. After last night, I’m just hoping for a peaceful and secure nights sleep for Ryley. I believe the extra dose of “Steph-o-moxin” will help in that regard!

PRAY for continued progress with Ryley’s lungs and eradicating the embolism!
PRAY for a peaceful and restful sleep for Ryley so he can continue to fight!
PRAY specifically for our 8E neighbor and Mom, Tanya, who is making the ultimate decision and letting go of her beautiful daughter Jessica tonight. May she rest easy with the decision knowing the fond memories with Jessica will last with her a lifetime.
WE are so blessed!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! You continue to shower Ryley and our family with tour thoughts and prayers! I love you all! Good night!