Come to me…

Been a long and eventful few days. From the moment we arrived at Shepherd Center on Wednesday things have been nonstop. Admissions, Respiratory Therapists, Doctors, Physical Therapy, Family Support, Parents of Patients, Current Patients and most importantly Friends.

One of my biggest fears of leaving the “comforts” of Duke was the network we had close to home. The constant visitors from close friends, the familiarity of the area…grocery stores, restaurants, etc. and just knowing that the house was only 20 minutes away…simple things you take for granted. All now miles away. It’s like a glass of water smacked out of your hand that shatters on the ground. You try to pick up the pieces up and put together because your so damn thirsty…but you can’t. Then come your lifelong friends…maybe many, many years out of touch but it doesn’t matter. Thank you Laura Schilling and your beautiful family for just being the way you have always been and will always be…for the lunches, dinners, advice, etc and for noticing our coffee mugs were better suited for dental rinse cups and supplying the proper sized vessel for proper awakening. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Felice Miller Lentin it was fun to laugh a bit today and we’ll be sure to enjoy the “libation” in a bag. To all the other Atlanta peeps who have reached out the past few days…can’t wait to see you. You see I guess home is really never that far away. Geographic location is temporary, a house is just a box…family, friendship and love have no borders and that is really all that matters. It’s not going to be an easy journey for Ryley or for that matter any of us but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get my boy on his feet again! Please keep those prayers and well wishes coming. Drop a card, a handwritten letter, care package, etc in the mail to Ryley.

Continue to give him the strength and willpower to fight!PRAY to expel the fluids from his lungs so he can build the endurance to begin PT.

PRAY to keep the oxygen flowing freely through his lungs

PRAY to keep breaking his high temperature and fighting any infection he may have

PRAY to keep the self-doubt, fear and anxiety away from Ryley’s mind. Yes he may be weak in body (now) but we ALL know what our Ryley is capable of if he puts his mind to it!We love you all…goodnight!