Counting up from 21

When you spend a lot of time in a place you begin to notice things that you would normally just pass by.

The stain on the carpet just outside the elevator bay…probably an early morning delivery of Starbucks gone bad. The elevator floor announcement voice is the same as the one in Hilton hotels. The squiggly line impressions on the new carpet in the waiting room…I’ve been staring at these for the past four days and it just hit me what they were…the impressions of all the wheelchairs that leave this floor for the next step of their journey.

It made me take a harder look at our temporary surroundings to see what else I may have been missing. What I’ve discovered is the number 21. Today is the 21st, Ryley is in room 21, Ryley’s birthday is February 21st, and the occupancy certificate of this new medical building is dated February 21st ( see picture below). Crazy right? Lucky 21…a sign indeed!

Ryley started the day with a temperature of 39.7C (103.5F) fighting the pneumonia in his lungs. Now once again temporarily intubated, the ventilator has taken pressure off his damaged (from the CPR process) chest/rib muscles to make his breath more deliberate and relaxed. He is awake, aware and comfortable. We communicate with him through blinks of his baby blues and nods, loving to see a subtle smile when we mention all the people pulling for him. His personality and presence still fills up the room and the nurses love him! He will be on the pneumonia medication regimen for 6 more days. Assuming positive results, Ryley could be ready for the spine surgery no earlier than Wednesday. To ensure success, his lungs are suctioned 2x daily using a broncoscope…not a pleasant experience but it has such positive results.
Not much more can be done but wait to clear his lungs & pneumonia and lower his feverish temperature. Then we proceed to the next step of the journey.

Continue to pray for Ryley to break this fever and remove all the pneumonia from his lungs! This is the next step in his recovery!!

Kim and I decided to take a well needed trip out of the hospital to have a little “us” time. As we headed out and gave Ryley a kiss, we looked up at his vitals monitor to see his temperature reduced to 39C…102.2F! It’s working.!

As we head outside we pull up Yelp to decide where we can go for a quick bite to eat…what comes up close to the hospital? Local 22, a farm to table restaurant (highly recommended btw and we’ll be back).

We really enjoyed a little bit of alone time. We laughed, cried and just talked about the great family and friend support group we have all around the globe! You are all the best medicine for Kim and I. We love you all and can not thank you enough for all you are doing for our family!
Looking forward to 23, 24, 25….and beyond, whatever that might be.

#PrayForRyley #PrayForMyBoy #HopperStrong

The Hoppers