Fast and Furious in ATL

Ryley headed out for a ride on his new temporary wheels. The breath controlled power wheelchair allows him to go forward, backward, left and right using different breath patterns…taking it a bit slow the first time out as he gets used to things. Off video, an “older gentlemen” passed him on the left in the hallway outside the elevator…must have had NOS, as he was moving! We laughed about that one!

Ryley has been off the ventilator for most of the day and had a speaking valve in for a few hours chatting away with us. We showed him all the pictures from the ‪#‎Rally4Ryley‬ event and he was all smiles! He’s exhausted now and is back in bed resting (but still off the vent!)

He continues to build strength & endurance with his breathing and the Respironics CoughAssist machine (basically a high priced, sleek looking shop-vac) has become his best friend in clearing the junk from his lungs so he can breath better. A major part of SCI’s is fluid secretions in the lungs post injury for up to 3 months. This machine simulates a normal cough that Ryley has lost from the injury…this is SO much better than putting a catheter down his throat to get the junk out.
last night, we enjoyed a movie night sitting on each side of Ryley in bed while watching Inside Out. Unknown to us the lead character name was Riley (an 11-year-old girl). If you haven’t watched this movie, and I don’t care how old you are, you need to. Goofball Island is a favorite of mine and the overall message is really a good one…and yes if you’re wondering a tear or two was shed…especially when the line “the point is, the islands are personality are what make Riley, Riley”…only I heard and saw my boy Ryley. It’s SO true, we are SO blessed to have our boy! Yes his body is hurting, but he is 100% Ryley up there on Goofball Island!


I love you all and have a great evening!