Feeling gravity’s pull…

Our Dearest Ryley NEEDS your prayers more than ever to continue his journey forward. Throughout the day, Ryley’s motor skill capabilities have diminished. He has lost further movement in his arms and shoulders and is experiencing additional upper neck pain. His temperature is also once again on the rise. An additional MRI was ordered and we just received the results.

Ryley’s spinal cord is swelling and is now impacting the motor skills he is capable of up to C3. Just like a rolled ankle the response of the body is to swell. The same is true of the spinal cord only as it swells it has no where to go.

What does this all mean? In simplest terms, Ryley is now losing feeling and movement below his neck. This is devastating news for our family and much more than I can barely handle to even write this update. Ryley is aware of this latest update and is obviously distraught. Because of this, we will not be hosting any additional visitors tonight with Ryley or the waiting room. Kim, Will, Ryley, Colby and I need some time alone as a family to cry, pray and hope for better outcomes overnight and the days to come.

Please PRAY for Ryley’s spinal cord swelling to cease and subside! Please PRAY for Ryley’s motor skills to improve! Please PRAY for Ryley’s temperature to lower.


#PrayForRyley #PrayForMyBoy

We love you all!