The Dude!

So good to have us all together even if just for one night. Lot’s of laughter filled his room today and I’m so blessed to have such a strong family bond and love between the five of us. That bond will be tested over the weeks, months and years ahead…but will never be broken!

One thing that has become so very evident during Ryley’s recovery is that scheduling goes out the window…what starts as a good plan for the day/night changes in an instant. Ryley’s body has been through a tremendous ordeal and continues to provide us with a rollercoaster of daily changes of its condition. Ryley WANTS to work hard but his body can handle only so much as it recalibrates itself from zero. Some days are better than others but ALL days have become eventful. Fevers, chills, dizziness, fatigue, respiratory distress, the list goes on and on. Sometimes you feel as if you’re in a blender just trying to grasp anything that flies by. Yet through all of this, Ryley remains in great spirits. He is continually reminded of the love, support and prayers he receives on a daily basis. One look at his walls with all the cards, pictures, posters, shirts, etc, that continue to come in, puts a BIG smile on his face. We are going to run out of wall space soon…let’s be sure that happens! 🙂

More than enough candy has arrived…uncle…I don’t need a dentist visit on top of all this. And PLEASE remember, Ryley is highly allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish…so the chocolate peanut butter cups, as yummy as they are, are a no go! When in doubt…leave it out.
We received many inspirational books which is so wonderful, but given his injury, Ryley is unable to hold or turn the pages of a book on his own. We received an Amazon Echo with “Alexa” as a gift and this will be a tremendous tool for him. He can speak to Alexa and request a song, sports scores and even read him an audio book! Technology is awesome!

He was able to go bowling today…yes you read that right…today was Friday Fun Day on his floor. The clinical team of his floor bring the patients to an event every week and this week happened to be with The Dude! He said it was nice to get out of the hospital and just hang out with some other kids. But boy did it take it out of him.

Colby and I head back to NC in the am. Another goodbye and another week ahead of adjustment to our new normal and thoughts back to Atlanta. I haven’t left…yet miss them already. Gotta get the house modified…look at automotive options…nursing assistance and supplies at home…etc etc..on goes the brain blender again…where to begin…how can it all get done…at what cost…

Keep the faith.
Things will work out.
We are going to be great.
We are the Hopper’s!

Please PRAY for continued mental and physical strength for Ryley to continue his journey forward.

PRAY for Kim to continue her day in and day out unwavering support of Ryley right by his side. I love you so very much Kim and that love becomes stronger each and every day.

PRAY for me to locate the proper resources, assistance and people for the things we must do on the home front for Ryley to come home in the coming months.

We love you all! Good night and God Bless!