His name is Ryley and he dances in the sand…

As Kim and I sit with Ryley in his room watching the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, life here has become commonplace. I say hi to my neighbor on the way back to our room and ask if they need any bottled water or snacks…we have plenty in Hopperville. He tells me that Candy is moving to a step down ICU. I’m so excited for him and his family…but I’m going to miss our late night/early morning banter. Great people.

Kim casually calls the Yeti cooler in the waiting “living” room the “fridge”…and it has been…for the past 20 days. We’ve had multiple trips by faithful visitors to the cafeteria for “ice runs”. We now know that the floor drain in the men’s room is NOT the lowest part of the bathroom and it’s better to lift the cooler to the sink to drain. The hospital Starbucks is crazy busy from 7am on…you want some.. get there early or the Seattle’s Best will need to do in the Cafeteria. No omelets on the weekends here…but you can still get a chicken biscuit any day of the week…welcome to the South. Parking is $4 for 2 hours or $8 for a calendar day…you can buy $4 a day discount passes at the gift shop…but no one told us…we just discovered…would have been nice to know 19 days ago…we bought a bunch now for visitors who come…these college kids are broke as it is…least we can do.

Ryley is resting now. His settings on the vent continue to improve as we prepare him for the journey to Shepherd in Atlanta. His sleep is a bit restless and we pray for peaceful dreams and to keep evil away. Doubt and fear have tried to creep into his dreams and we will NOT allow that to happen. More than ever Ryley needs your prayers for strength.

PRAY for Ryley’s peaceful dreams and thoughts
PRAY for Ryley’s deep, strong breathing
PRAY for Kim…my rock, my love…my life
PRAY for Will & Colby who are so strong and loving of their brother. Mom & Dad love you both so much!
PRAY for my neighbors of 8E and continued positive progress of their loved ones.


I love you all. God Bless & good night!