Hopperville in the area inside 8E

If you’re a college basketball fan chances are you know what “Krzyzewskiville” is. If not let me explain. Krzyzewskiville is where students camp out for men’s basketball tickets at Duke in the area outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium. These loyal students are the Cameron Crazies. Well in Raleigh, we have our own version called the Leesville Loonies of Leesville Road High School where Ryley graduated. I have some fond memories of Ryley dressing up in his green Pride attire and hitting the games with the rest of his friends. And although I have not yet been to a game at UNC Wilmington I know Ryley is just as proud of his Seahawks.

Well with the help of our dear friend, Teresa Lawson, we have created our own version fondly named “Hopperville” where our Leesville Loonies and Seahawk DUB nation wait to visit Ryley. We can’t setup tents of course, but we do have a nice place for Ryley’s closest friends to stop by, write something in his memory books and share some stories about Ryley. We had some brief visits today and some folks even brought cards and pictures to hang in Ryley’s room as he continues his care. Hopperville was a great idea T!

Overall today was a good day. Ryley had his Central Venous Catheter (CVC) taken out. High risk of infection and nothing is hooked up to it so they pulled it. Two new IV catheters were put as the original ones weren’t flushing well. His temperature is hovering around 38.5C so I asked if we could add some Motrin to the mix and see if it could help…he’s getting some now. We’re a few days from the spine surgery so any bleeding risk is limited.

Ryley is in good spirits overall and his pneumonia seems to be lessening. There is now a chance that surgery could happen sooner than Wednesday which would be a blessing. We really need that spine sturdy so he can begin the rehab process sooner than later.

Can’t believe we are on night six of this ordeal…the week has been a blur but your support has been non stop! Please continue to pray for his pneumonia reduction and an expedient surgery.

Any team just isn’t the same without its star player and Hopperville needs its Ryley to be complete! God Bless and Good Night all you Ryley Ramparts!