Houston, scratch that, Durham we have a problem

Another turbulent day comes to a close. What started as a rough ride in the morning quickly turned into a reversal of direction in the afternoon. Plan seemed simple enough…get temperature down, get Ryley’s SpO2 numbers up, and get him into the operating room. It all started pretty well too with Ryley’s temperature slowly coming down and his SpO2 and chances of going into surgery slowly going up. The surgeon the anesthesiologist, and various other doctors came to our room and began telling us the plan for surgery, a time slot opened and Ryley was prepped to go into the OR. This is where things started to fall apart. Ryley had been on high flow humidified oxygen all morning and his SpO2 numbers acted accordingly but once we removed that high-flow oxygen his numbers slowly decreased. The anesthesiologist needed to remove the high-flow oxygen in order to transport Ryley to the OR. The idea was that Ryley would get his throat starting to be numbed in his room, be transported to the OR and then be intubated while awake in the OR. The reasoning behind this is so he did not have to bend his neck back to use a laryngoscope to place the endotracheal tube a critical thing to do when you have a spinal injury. In the process of taking him off the high-flow oxygen his SpO2 numbers crashed. There was a great deal of commotion and various people coming into the room and by total count we had 14 people in the room and we were ushered out into the waiting room. A few moments later the nursing staff came out to us and told us that Ryley had been successfully intubated and was on his way to the OR for surgery.
But this is not the end of the story.

Less than 1 hour later the surgeon came to the waiting room and informed us that they would not be able to start the surgery. Upon investigation of Ryley’s lungs it was confirmed that he had contracted pneumonia. The doctors felt it was too risky to continue with the surgery due to the high risk of causing a site infection at the spinal cord where his new implant would be. Indeed the most appropriate action but certainly devastating to hear after being so prepared for getting the surgery done today. Given Ryley’s labored breath and his pneumonia the decision has been made to keep him intubated and breathing by ventilator. He is resting well back in his room and we will once again be sleeping by his side tonight. The doctors hope that the medication to clear the pneumonia will allow Ryley to once again try the surgical procedure sometime next week. Please pray for Ryley to eradicate the pneumonia, please pray for Ryley to give him the emotional strength to continue the fight, please pray for me and my family to continue to give us the strength that we need to lift Ryley’s spirits up! Today has been yet another tough and emotional day but we will not let this one small bit of turbulence stop us from getting Ryley well!

I want to thank all the visits from pastors, friend’s, parents of friends, grandparents of friends, relatives of friends, strangers and every other person that has heard about Ryley’s situation.
However, my family and I asked for Ryley’s rest and peace. Therefore we would like to limit all visitation to Ryley to immediate family members only. This is not only my wish but also the doctor’s wish to ensure we get this infection out of Ryley’s lungs. I posted the address of the hospital and Ryley’s room so please feel free to send cards, well wishes or anything else that you believe would be important to Ryley’s recovery. And of course continue to pray!!! He loves you all but he just needs to rest for the next part of his journey. I will continue to update this site with changes to Ryley’s condition and as he can take visitors I will certainly let everyone know.

#PrayForRyley #PrayForMyBoy

It is most important we be going forward – Apollo 11 fight to the moon.