Impossible is a funny word…

Going through Ryley’s old Twitter post’s we stumbled across this quote from earlier this year.
“Impossible is a funny word…”

I read that and so much floods into my mind…the two words that have defined Ryley since his birth…Funny and Impossible.

If you know Ryley and the Hopper’s in general you know we like to have a good time. We enjoy laughter and enjoy seeing the good in every situation and every person that we meet. Ryley’s passion for life did not only include being active and involved in so many things, it also involved humor in everything he did. If you know Ryley well or even if you just met Ryley you know what I mean. I have had so many stories shared with me over the past week from so many different people about Ryley and his funny nature. These stories are the things that keep my hope alive and keep the darkness at bay during a very difficult time in our lives. So many people have emailed us, texted us, contacted me on Facebook, called us, and written letters to us describing their own individual anguish with Ryley’s ordeal. Well I don’t want that anymore for anyone. I want everyone to remember the fond memories with Ryley the way that he made you laugh and the way he’s going to make you laugh once again. I’d like to share something for folks that are following this post that may not know Ryley well and also for the folks that do know Ryley well that might give you a little giggle. The day before last Ryley had a tremendous amount of visitors and as the day came to an end you could see that Ryley was getting exhausted. Well one of his dear friend’s Moms wanted to come in and see him. Ryley has a special relationship with this person and has been known to play the occasional practical joke on her. I explained that he had had a long day and he might be sleeping. She still wanted to come in and at least put her hands on Ryley and just see his face. She came in and slowly approached Ryley’s side as not to wake him. She sat there for a moment and then reached out to touch his shoulder just to say things are going to be alright Ryley. That’s when it happened! Ryley opened up his eyes as wide as he could like something out of a jump out scary movie. She let out a squeal and exclaimed, “Ryley Hopper!!” A subtle smile formed on Ryley’s face behind his ET tube as he knew he was successful in “getting her” one more time . This is how I want you to know Ryley, this is the image I want you having moving forward. Here’s a young man intubated in the ICU attached to more machines than I’ve ever seen and his goal at the end of a long day was to play a practical joke on someone and provide some levity to a bad situation. This is Ryley Hopper!

This word can have two different meanings with Ryley.
Being the middle wild child he certainly wasn’t the one that just went through life without making life a little more “exciting” for Mom and Dad. Yes there were the calls in the from the school principals and a few of those late night calls later in life. But Ryley has always remained a yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, no ma’am, kid of kid. You know…that kid you bump into at the grocery store that helps you out or opens the door for you and leaves a lasting impact. Always respectable, but with a little edge. And that edge is what’s going to get him through this!

I can’t count the number of times that Ryley has proven people wrong on what he can accomplish or what someone else said could not be accomplished by someone else. We’ve had numerous doctors walk in and out of Ryley’s room keeping our expectations in check and that is their job…to exceed expectations down the road. Will Ryley’s motor skills be 100% back to his normal self again? I dont know, but I pray and hope for that day to come!!! What I do know is that anyone talking to Ryley starting with the words, you can’t… you won’t… that’s impossible…WATCH OUT!

“Impossible is a funny word” – Ryley Hopper

Ryley is resting peacefully in his bed and his temperature has again started to decrease. Blood cultures are due back sometime tomorrow and the results of which will show how ready his body is to accept the spinal implants and fusion. The last thing we want is to have the implants attacked and another infection forms in a very bad place. We spoke with the surgeon earlier today and as soon as Ryley is ready he is at the ready to perform the procedure to get his spine stabilized. Ryley remains in a lot of pain in his neck area and is receiving pain medication by IV to make his waiting time more comfortable. This is good.

PRAY for good blood culture results.
PRAY for continued normal temperature
PRAY for the pneumonia to be fully eradicated
PRAY for the spinal cord swelling to subside
PRAY for his pain to subside


I love you all so very very much! Continue those positive prayers, thoughts and support. You are making a major impact on Ryley’s recovery and the Hopper family’s overall well being! Remember Ryley the way that he was, remember Ryley the way he is, and lastly remember Ryley will rise up again!