John 10:11

Today…today was a good day.

A good night’s rest continued with good news throughout the day. Doctors conducted their morning rounds and confirmed today would be Ryley’s tracheostomy procedure..YES…the ET tube would soon be out of his mouth. This is a good thing! Not a complete move away from the vent but a step in the right direction to do so. Less infection risk, faster vent weaning and higher comfort for Ryley. Not a permanent fixture…but rather a safety net for the hard work in front of him. His lungs must strengthen and he must re-learn his cough mechanism and proper pulmonary hygiene for the long haul. He was taken off the heparin for several hours before being wheeled into the OR around 2pm and was back in his room about two hours later. They couldn’t use a percutaneous trach technique given his recent spine surgery in the same area so they had to do it “the old fashioned way”…a larger hole…and to the delight of Ryley a slightly larger scar upon removal.

Ryley remained pretty droggy throughout the afternoon but still entertained the several friends that came to visit. A healthy dose of “Steph-o-moxin” was also prescribed and delivered.

One of our engineers at EG-GILERO worked on a solution for the laser battery drain we’ve been seeing over the past 24 hours and created a pair of built-from-scratch plug-in (no batteries!) laser diode glasses. Designed, built and delivered to the hospital in just a few hours. This is just how the G-Team rolls. Thanks for the work Thomas…better than an Energizer bunny, Ryley can “chat” to his hearts content! And thanks for droping it off Mary Beth…as I know there’s not a lot going on in the office… 😉

The anesthesia and pain killers were beginning to wear off so we had to call it a day for visitors. His throat will be sore for a few more days and they had to replace his oral feeding tube with a nasogastric tube. This really isn’t pleasant but we were also informed he would be getting a PEG in the morning (basically a direct path into his stomach from the outside of his belly area). So NO more tubes in his mouth or nose….YEAH…this day is getting better by the minute.

Then the phone rang…almost hit ignore as I didn’t have any interest in “learning how to lower my interest rate”…not sure what list I got on but gheesh those robo-calls are annoying. Boy am I glad I choose to answer…it was The Shepherd Center…Ryley has a confirmed spot in their program!! Thank you Lord! If all goes as planned, Ryley will continue the next steps of his journey in the Atlanta, GA area mid next week! We are so excited for him. Ironically enough new ratings for the best Rehabilitation Hospitals in the nation came out today and The Shepherd Center is in the Top 10!

Lots to plan in the next week with family plans, living locations and overall logistics but this provides Ryley the best possible care he can receive in the area!

John 10:11 – I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.

PRAY for continued positive progress of Ryley’s lung health
PRAY for the wonderful team of Duke doctors, nurses and staff that have helped Ryley get this far.
PRAY for our neighbors and loved ones of Duke Neuro 8E
Last, but not least, PRAY for Tanya and her beautiful daughter Jessica who went home with God at 10:35pm last evening surrounded by family and close friends. Rest in peace sweet Jessica.


Thank you all for the continued prayers, love and support! We love you all. Good night!