Mad Libs, Wash Cloths, and Things…

It has been so funny to watch Ryley communicate with his EyeLink. Kim has become a pro and can figure out whether Ryley needs a fresh cold washcloth on his forehead versus an itch scratched on his nose. Colby has gotten real good as well and can hold a pretty long conversation with him. Me and Will are a bit on the slower end of the learning curve but we have our own way of communication that works pretty well…the ole subtle guy “sup” nod really says a lot. His good friends Joe Simme and Will Lawson spent a good amount of time chatting away today. Although in typical Ryley fashion he messed with them both by randomly looking at letters leaving them perplexed with what he was saying. Not until his nurse Jana called Ryley to the mat did they realize Ryley was just having some fun.

Our meeting with Shepherd went great and we continue to believe that this is the next step in Ryley’s journey. A scheduled 1 hour meeting turned into a 3 hour conversation sharing Ryley’s hopes, dreams and desires. I’m certain that our zest for life and love for our children came through loud and clear. She was able to meet Ryley in person and noted all the love pouring from his room. Cards, hand written letters and memories all adorn the wall of his once beige and bland ICU wall. One item in particular caught her eye…the painting that his friend Cory made for him right after the accident. Look at the painting closely…what do you see? Pain? Healing? Electricity? Strength? Direction? I see all of that! I also see a larger version of this canvas hanging in the entrance of the Shepherd Center when Ryley successfully completes his rehabilitation. A reminder that nothing is impossible!

This same painting will be screen printed on t-shirts being sold by Colby & Will to help support Ryley’s long journey ahead. Be sure to reach out to them if you want one.

Today was a good day! Ryley’s temp continues to remain stable, his cultures came back negative, ultrasounds normal, and his lungs are responding well to the reduced ventilator support. All signs point to a possible “liftoff” to the OR soon!

PRAY for Ryley’s vitals to remain constant to complete the surgery he requires

And PLEASE PRAY for my neighbors in 8E…some of which are fighting like we are, others who are saying goodbye to loved ones.

We truly love you all and can not thank you enough for the love, prayers and support! Sleep well and pray for more miracles!