Noon update on Ry

Ryley is having a rough start to his day. He has been having difficulty breathing deep and really unable to actively cough. This is causing some buildup of fluids in his lungs which were evacuated out earlier this am. His blood oxygen levels SpO2 were on the 80’s and they debated whether they should re-intubate. One of the fantastic staff here decided to try try high flow O2 humidification therapy. Seems to be working well. He has also spiked a fever of 101.5 which they are managing with cool saline and ice packs. Blood cultures have been sent to the lab but those results won’t come back for a few days but the nurses and RT assume coming from the lungs given his time underwater and the ventilator ( we do NOT want this to turn into a VAP – Ventilator Associated Pneumonia) The other potentials could be a Urinary Tract Infection UTI from the Foley or a Central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) from all the IV/CVC catheters he has. Infection is one of the biggest risks with so many invasive lines in his body.

The plan is to get his temp down and prepare him for the spine surgery late this afternoon. Please pray to lower his temperature and fight any infection he may have so he can get the surgery completed.

#PrayForRyley #PrayForMyBoy

We love you all!