Quick early AM update

The spinal surgery team came in early this morning to check in on Ryley.
They ran a couple of quick hands-on tests with Ryley’s motor skills. He still has limited to no movement from his neck down but is awake and alert…although a little loopy from the pain meds.
After the test the doctors gave me a rundown on his current numbers. I’m glad to say that Ryley’s temperature has decreased to 36.5 C! His blood cultures came back negative! And the amount of fluids being suctioned from his chest are limited! His white blood cell count remains slightly elevated. They are going to continue to monitor these numbers and wait for the white blood cell count to reduce further. The doctor stated that we are well on our way to get Ryley into the OR for his surgery sometime this week.

PRAY for continued decline of his white cell count to a normal level
PRAY to keep any infection away from our boy
PRAY to give further strength to Ryley in the coming days.

Love you all…I can feel your prayers and love raining down on this place from all over the world!