Rising sun…rising hope!

Keep those thoughts and prayers coming. We woke and said good morning to Ryley and have seen the most reaction to our voices yet. Colby ask if he could feel her hand and he nodded! Tears of joy have been by steaming from our faces. He is beginning to respond to our voices more and more. He is trying to open his eyes but also trying to move his head which he can not do so we must take it slow. So many people came yesterday to visit and some of you were able to see and touch him. I know many more wish to do the same and we welcome you to come and visit as a group in the waiting room but we must limit in person visits to ensure his slow and steady progression. I can’t thank you all enough for the outpouring of love, support, guidance and prayer!

Ryley’s body temperature was slowly raised to 36 C overnight and his paralysis cocktail slowly reduced. Kim, Will, Colby and I got a few hours of rest last night. Kim and I sleep in the room with Ryley, and Will and Colby found some spots in the waiting room.