Ryley Hopper Past 7 Hours

Our dear Ryley was injured in a terrible swimming pool accident. He dove into the pool head first not realizing the depth was only 5 feet. He immediately fractured his C6 and called for help by others in the pool. Knowing Ryley you’ll know two things he’s a tremendous swimmer and he’s also a tremendous jokester. All of his friends assume that Ryley was just joking around and continued on playing their game of pool basketball not knowing that Ryley was in deep trouble. Not until Ryley sank to the bottom of the pool did his friends realize just how much trouble Ryley was in. One of his good friends Connor noticed Ryley at the bottom of the pool and pulled him out and administered CPR and brought him back to life. Thank God for you Connor! Paramedics were called and he was transported to the Duke University Medical Center ER and is now in the Neurology ICU. There is no better place for Ryley’s care then right where he is and what he needs now is everyone’s prayers and thoughts. If you know Ryley you know he’s a fighter and he’s in for the fight of his life. He remains in a doctor induced coma and intubated and he is being pumped with cold fluids to keep his heart and brain at 92 degrees Fahrenheit for the next 48 hours. He has had numerous tests, CAT scans and just went in for an MRI. Kim, Will, Colby and I are completely and utterly devastated but we will continue to be by Ryley’s side until he shows us those baby blues. Thanks for all your calls and your thoughts please continue to pray and keep Ryley close to your hearts and give him the power to fight this he needs everyone’s help!