The Duke 8E Watch Dogs of RyDog…

Another night staring out the 8th floor Duke residence taking in all that occurred today. As i think through the day, I would be remiss if I did not mention the great people who have been taking care of Ryley, aka RyDog (if you’re curious how he got that nickname you’ll just have to wait and continue to follow Ryley’s journey over the weeks to come).

We’ve met some great doctors so far but really haven’t been able to witness their handywork firsthand, just yet. However, this LOUD shout out goes to a special group of people: The Duke Neurosciences Nurses of 8E.

YOU are making a profound impact in the journey of our precious Ryley. In the four days/nights we have “lived” in your world you have shown traits ranging from composed compassion to fierce warrior. I have been awaken by one on one conversations in the wee hours of the morning with my son as if you were having coffee at a college bookstore; just getting to know one another and discussing things 19 year olds are supposed to. I have witnessed your vast knowledge of the complex area of medicine you have chosen as a career and how you customize this knowledge to each patient in your care including Ryley. I have felt your deep compassion with a shoulder to cry on and a strong embrace in times of joy. But today, MOST importantly, I witnessed firsthand the fierce warrior in each of you. You all rallied together to protect and fight for Ryley earlier today and it did not go unnoticed. There was no clash or battle, only the subtle, yet powerful, stance each of you took to ensure correct decisions of care were being made in a time of indecisiveness! You did NOT stand down and for that, the Hopper’s are eternally grateful. No need for a public decry of specifics as I’m sure this was not first, nor the last time this posse will spring into action. Your tireless efforts may go unnoticed by others but not by the Hoppers. Thank you for what you have done, what you are about to do and what we have yet to see you do!

Pray for the Duke 8E Watch Dogs, pray for their continued strength in times of need, pray for their continued compassion for Ryley and the many other patients within their care and lastly pray for their own personal peace at the end of a long shift. Thank God for them!

– The Hoppers on 8E in Rm 21