The nurses are putting the gloves on!

The ICU nurses are literally putting mitts on Ryley’s hands. Why do you ask they’re putting mitts on his hands? Ryley is trying to pull the endotracheal tube out of his mouth! This is a very good thing! He has now mouthed “I love you” several times and he found himself at peace once he was told what happened to him. It seems that he had no memory of why he was here and was very agitated causing the increase in ICP’s and other vitals. Once we told him specifically that he injured himself by diving in the pool he closed his eyes and tears streamed down his cheeks. He knows what has happened. He is AWARE and nodding and trying to talk, no voice given the tube, but he is trying to communicate. His arms are moving toward his tube…that’s the fighter in our boy! Obviously, the nurses can’t let this happen so they continue to sedate him. Still no movement or response in his legs but we are going to take one hour at a time. This is all great news and thank you, THANK YOU for all you thoughts, messages, comments, advice and most importantly prayers! GOD IS GREAT! #PrayForRyley #PrayForMyBoy