25 days of waiting and praying and we are finally at the Shepherd Center! Pretty amazing trip supplied by Ron Sewell of Wings For Above and the folks from Critical Care MedFlight. The jet was a tight squeeze with the stretcher and equipment but a great flight overall! Ron even greeted us in Atlanta on the tarmac…thanks for everything Ron! Things are moving fast and furious here. They are working to wean him off the ventilator in the next day or two so he can begin intensive rehab. Their thought process on trach and eating is also a lot different than most and Ryley was able to EAT solid foods for the first time in more than three weeks! Ryley’s request? A smoothie and some Gatorade! Smoothie King was a mere 2.5 miles away but not knowing Atlanta traffic at 6pm it took us 30 minutes to get there! I see a blender for the room in our future! Ryley’s resting comfortably and getting used to his new temporary home. Lots to do and take in over the next few days to settle us in. Already feeling the love from old friends who now live in ATL! The long long day is catching up to me and my eyes are getting a bit heavy so I’ll say goodnight.

Please PRAY for a restful sleep for Ryley as he settles in to his new environment.

PRAY for a successful vent weaning process on he am.

PRAY for Ryley’s continued mental wellbeing and strength to handle the rigors before him.

Lastly, pray for the White Family as Candy responded more and more as we headed out of Duke this am one last time…another inspiration will come out of 8E!


I love you all goodnight and God bless!