We’re so blessed…

Many great friends of Ryley and the family came to Hopperville today. There were tears of sorrow, tears of joy and tears of the unknown.

So many questions without answers. How long will his endo tube be in place? When is his surgery? Will the surgery fix his spinal cord damage? Will Ryley walk again?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions. All I know is that Ryley is alive, breathing, winking and gesturing to those who have come to his side.

We are blessed to have Ryley; but there are many other families we have shared this space with who are not. Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters.
This evening I ask for all of you to pray for them. For all the other “residents” of 8E and 8W. We’re so blessed…

I have so much more to say about today but my eyes and heart are heavy. Ryley is peacefully sleeping beside Kim and I, exhausted by the number of friends who came to visit and chat. I’ll pick things up tomorrow. ..love you all.