What a GREAT day!!

After Ryley’s swift return from surgery, the day just flew by! We were lucky to have some close friends with us that were coming to “wait” with us during Ryley’s procedure. Well as you know, that wait was short lived. The surgery was very swift and successful. Although a little droggy upon his return to the room, Ryley quickly purged any remaining anesthestic and his baby blues opened wide…especially when his girl Stephanie arrived from her beach trip. Great timing Steph! Respiratory Therapy is really pleased with his settings on the vent. He is taking big breaths on his own and RT will continue to adjust vent settings throughout the night to lessen his dependence on the ventilator. We had some great lunch and dinner brought in by old tIme friends and new ones alike. Thanks so much!

Big shout out to the Duke Anesthesiologists, Respiratory Therapy and Surgery Team who did a great job with Ry today. And of course my favs… the Duke Nurse Watchdogs of 8E! You ladies and gentleman have been absolutely integral in Ryley’s progression to date. More than great clinical care, you have provided raw human emotional support to my boy. Before arriving on July 17th, I had limited knowledge about SCI. But over the past 12 nights and 13 days I have immersed myself within the subject. What are the stats? What are the new experimental technologies? What differs in those patients that thrive and those that languish?

What have I discovered? Positive thoughts and attitude rise to the top and you all exude that. Yes, there was plenty of tears of sorrow in the early days but you’ve always been sure to tell Ryley…”You’re going to be great”…and I thank you from the deepest part of my heart!

I ask you to PRAY for continued progress on reducing Ryley’s dependence on the ventilator. But even more tonight, I ask you to PRAY for the friends and “neighbors” we have made on 8E. We are blessed to have our Ryley with us…there are those around us that may not be so lucky. I ask you to PRAY for Jessica and her Mom, for Candie and her large extended family in the area next to ours and lastly for young Billy who went home to Jesus late last evening in the presence of his entire family. Squeeze your loved ones a little tighter tonight as we are all blessed to have them.

Thanks for all the continued outpouring of prayer, love and support! We love you all!