When it rains…it pours!

Another storm passing through a lot like the last one only the outcome is different this time. Ryley’s etCO2 levels had been bothersome throughout the day although you couldn’t tell by his demeanor with all his visits today. Lots of laughs and “conversation” with the board and even some alone time with Steph…great stuff. However, early afternoon results of a true blood gas came in and a CT scan was ordered. Unfortunately, a small pulmonary embolism has formed in his lower right lobe in addition to another flare up in pulmonary consolidation. A Heparin drip has been started (blood thinner) for the PE and another 3 day cycle of prophylactic antibiotics for the consolidation in his lungs. Another step back in the journey that’s just so frustrating!

For 15 nights…1/2 a month I’ve spent in this place…that damn ventilator I’m alone tonight with Ryley. Colby has volleyball tryouts for school in the am…needs a good night sleep, a good breakfast and Mom’s motivation to kick some ass.
I continue to say…we’re so blessed…Ryley is alive…but PLEASE God…

Please PRAY for Ryley to eradicate the embolism and any infection he may have.

PRAY for my family to give us continued strength and peace.

PRAY for the others on 8E…so much struggle yet so much love..Happy Anniversary Candy’…your husband Kirk waits by your side to open your eyes and smile.

Good night…so tired I love you all!.