Young love…Brotherly love…

Another rollercoaster of a day. Things started off quite good with Ryley having a great night sleep and showing progression on the ventilator. But as the morning progressed Ryley’s temperature spiked and his breathing required more support from the ventilator. We had a big day of expected visitors and I almost sent out a message pushing people back for the day. But between Ryley’s will power and the work of the 8E Watchdogs of RyDog things began to improve. Then came a visit by a past teacher of Ryley’s, Rod Schuler. A trip down memory lane and lots of conversation and laughter left Ryley looking like I haven’t seen in weeks…what a great gift from God.

More of Ryley’s friends came throughout the early afternoon and the smiles and conversation continued. Colby and Will arrived with the #TheFight4Ry shirts…thanks to the Casella’s for getting these so quickly. An additional shipment of green silicone braclet’s also arrived and are starting to adorn the wrists of those who come to visit. Ryley felt so good he even allowed his sister to read some of his texts that have been sitting on his phone for the past twenty days. Absolutely loved to see that smiling face. Quiet time approached at 2 p.m. and Ryley was given a good dose of Steph-o-moxin. This will be the last time Stephanie and Ryley will see each other before Ry heads to Atlanta. I didn’t know Steph well before the accident, but I know her now better than ever. You are a wonderful young woman Stephanie and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the unconditional love and support you have shown to my boy over the past several weeks. I can now see why he is so smitten with you…you are truly special.

To my own fraternity brothers, Mitch Berlow and Brian Strout…thanks for the dinner, drinks and trip down memory lane. You brought me back to a time when I was 19, invincible and just as wild and carefree as Ryley. You will alway be my brothers…love you guys.

And for Candy…our next door “neighbors” resident on 8E who had successful brain surgery today. Way to keep fighting girl! Your whole family awaits you and I can’t wait to meet you myself!

As I end tonight, I sit, watch, and listen to the conversation between Mom and Ryley…yes Mom is doing the talking but Ryley’s face says it all. ..we are all going to be alright.


Love you all!